goats hirondelle


 Also called "A Girl from Paris".

Tired of her stressful job as an IT professional in Paris, Sandrine (Mathilde Seigner) decides to follow her childhood dream and become a farmer. She moves to Vercors in the mountainous Rhône-Alpes region, where she buys a farm and a herd of goats from Adrien (Michel Serrault). 

Adrien continues to live on the farm and at first is not supportive of Sandrine and her efforts to become a successful farmer and cheesemaker, but they gradually develop a warm and lasting friendship.

The lush countryside around Vercors is beautifully photographed and the two lead actors give finely crafted performances.

Duration: 104 minutes

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  • In 2013 some friends and I were planning a trip to France, so at the beginning of that year, I decided to start learning the language. The reason was not only to communicate but also, to keep my brain active,

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