HOTA CINEMA - Movie review club - French movie "EIFFEL"


This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and discuss the selected film with a forum of academics.

Simply see the movie “Eiffel” ahead of time:

and join us for an interactive discussion  on

Wednesday 22 September 2021 at 10.30am - Theatre 2  -  Cost: Free. 

Lunch is offered at a special price and it costs nothing to become a member of the Movie Review Club.

Please note guests will be required to provide contact tracing details.

Past Events

Chronicle of Our Events

2020 Bastille Day celebration, Tuesday 14 July 2020

event vive la france


This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic it was necessary to cancel our annual celebratory dinner party. To mark the French National Day, a special video presentation was put together; it can be watched on the link here or by clicking on the photo below. It features an address by the President of AF Gold Coast, songs in French by Huguette and a virtual walk in Paris. (Please note, the begining of the recording is at the 10:30 point of the video.)

bastille day 2020

Wine and Cheese Evening, Saturday 23 November 2019

It was a fantastic evening of great music, wine and food.

 wine cheese 2019 1wine cheese 2019 4wine cheese 2019 6wine cheese 2019 8


Everybody enjoyed the musical entertainment in French by Huguette from Adore Music, the Champagne, wine tastings and presentation by Brad and Cheryl from Savina Lane Wines; Beaujolais Nouveau Wine; petits fours from My French Pastries, cheeses and nibbles.


wine cheese 2019 2wine cheese 2019 12wine cheese 2019 5wine cheese 2019 11 







  • In 2013 some friends and I were planning a trip to France, so at the beginning of that year, I decided to start learning the language. The reason was not only to communicate but also, to keep my brain active,

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