In 2013 some friends and I were planning a trip to France, so at the beginning of that year, I decided to start learning the language. The reason was not only to communicate but also, to keep my brain active, as I’m not getting younger. After 4 years, I still find it as enjoyable and as challenging as when I started. The teachers are French, and they are friendly, helpful and very good at their job. I love the interaction with the other students, and because there are some social gatherings, I’ve had the chance to meet people from the other classes. I plan to continue with the course, as it has become part of my life. Diane.


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  • "French classes have given me even more than the ability to communicate (a necessity once my daughter married a Frenchman): I found focus and escape through learning. Our classes are intelligently structured, with interesting themes - both informative and fun. The

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